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Incision and Drainage of AbscessesIncision and drainage of abscesses is a crucial procedure that involves getting rid of pus and other residual fluid that has built up under the skin inside an abscess. For more details about incision and drainage of abscesses in Westford, MA, patients can reach out to the Westford Dermatology & Cosmetic Center.

What Is Incision and Drainage of Abscesses?

Abscesses typically take the form of a red, yellow, or white lump. They usually develop due to bacterial infections, which can occur due to number of causes, including poor hygiene and insect bites. They appear in the form of a pus-filled pocket in the tissue.

Incision and drainage of abscesses is a treatment that involves safely draining the pus that has been building up and creating a cavity under the patient’s skin. This is especially important for cases where the abscess has begun to cause massive discomfort or even pain.

More importantly, these cases can range in size, shape, and scope. Handling this process with care and skill is critical to making sure that there will be no unnecessary damage done to the affected areas. The resulting incision should also be cleaned carefully as directed to prevent further infection.

Your Consultation

The abscess will be evaluated when patients come in for a consultation regarding its incision and drainage. The patient will then need to answer some questions regarding when they first noticed the abscess and experienced its symptoms. The patient’s medical history will be discussed, including any allergies, current medications, and pre-existing health conditions.

The details of incisions and drainage of abscesses will then be explained, including proper aftercare. Patients can feel free to ask any questions they may have about the procedure.

The Treatment Session

The first step in incision and drainage of an abscess is cleaning the target area. A very small incision will then be made using a scalpel. This will let all of the pus and the fluids out of the cavity.

Once all of the abscess’s contents have been drained away, it is then cleaned carefully. The incision will be closed, and the area will be covered by a surgical dressing. Patients can then leave and return to their daily activities.

Incision and Drainage of Abscesses Aftercare

During the short recovery and healing period following the incision and drainage of an abscess, the surgical dressing will need to be replaced periodically. Patients are discouraged from putting unnecessary pressure on or exposing the wound to contaminants.

Prescribed medications will need to be taken as instructed. It can take up to two weeks for the patients to heal completely, depending on the size and location of the abscess.

How Much Does Incision and Drainage of Abscesses Cost?

The factors that can affect the cost of the incision and drainage of abscesses will be discussed during the consultation.

Set Up a Consultation

Patients can reach out to the Westford Dermatology & Cosmetic Center to learn more about incision and drainage of abscesses in Westford, MA. To schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

Your procedure will be performed by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Steven Franks in Boston, MS.

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