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Some hair loss is normal, but if you are experiencing excessive shedding, then it may be time to seek treatment for hair loss in Boston. The hair restoration experts at Westford Dermatology & Cosmetic Center can properly diagnose the cause of your hair loss and provide targeted treatment solutions for slowing and preventing further thinning.

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is characterized by thinning hair and/or bald spots. It can be complicated to identify the cause of a patient’s hair loss, as many variables can affect hair growth. Hair loss can be hereditary or may be caused by hormonal changes, stress, chemotherapy, and/or certain medications.

Pattern baldness is prevalent among aging adults. This type of hair loss usually starts as a receding hairline and leads to balding in the crown area. In other cases, hair loss occurs as irregular bald spots which gradually grow in size.

There are different medications, supplements, topical solutions, and surgical procedures to address hair loss. The right treatment for you will depend on your unique needs and will be identified during your consultation with one of our hair restoration experts.

Am I a Good Candidate for Hair Loss Treatment?

Candidacy requirements vary based on the type of hair restoration treatment. For instance, candidates for hair transplantation must have a healthy scalp and a suitable donor site with robust hair growth.

In general, patients must be in overall good health with a positive outlook and realistic expectations to be considered candidates for hair loss treatments. Ideal candidates for hair loss treatment are individuals with early signs of balding. If baldness is widespread and in an advanced stage, some hair regrowth solutions may no longer be beneficial.

Your Consultation

The most important step in treating hair loss is an accurate diagnosis of your condition. During your consultation at Westford Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, a thorough physical examination will be performed to assess the health of your scalp and hair. Your medical history will also be reviewed to help pinpoint the cause of your hair growth concerns, so we can develop a personalized treatment plan for your specific needs.

The Procedure

Depending on the type of hair loss treatment recommended for you, you may be prescribed medications and/or products to apply topically. These ongoing treatments do not involve in-office procedures, though follow-up appointments are necessary to monitor improvements.

Surgical hair restoration procedures involve transplanting healthy hair follicles to the areas with visible thinning and/or balding. Anesthesia is administered at the start of hair transplant surgery to ensure the patient’s comfort during the procedure.

What to Expect During Your Recovery

Surgical hair loss treatments require about three weeks of recovery. Patients may experience swelling, aching, and/or a sensation of tightness for the first several days after hair transplant surgery. These symptoms can be managed with over-the-counter medications to alleviate discomfort.

Patients can often return to light work duties after a week. High intensity exercise and strenuous activities are not advised for a minimum of three weeks after hair transplantation. It will take several months to see the final results of hair transplant surgery.

Cost of Hair Loss Treatments

Due to our client-specific approach to improving hair growth, the cost of hair restoration can vary from one patient to another. The overall price will include any applicable anesthesia and facility fees.

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To explore your options for achieving thicker, fuller hair, contact Westford Dermatology & Cosmetic Center. With our advanced treatments for hair loss in Boston, both men and women can experience remarkable improvements in hair growth. Early intervention is associated with the most successful hair restoration results, so don’t wait another day to schedule your consultation!